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Amanda Reid, RM BSc(H) BScN joining Midwifery on the Coast!

We are really excited to introduce Amanda Reid, Registered Midwife, who will be moving to Sechelt in October to take over from Jules Atkins who will be stepping back from full time midwifery practice. It is a pleasure to have Amanda joining us – she has such a breadth of experience and is keen to come back to the Sunshine Coast where she used to reside and practice as a Registered nurse. Here is her bio: 

Midwifery is a true calling for me, which I had the fortune of exploring first as a volunteer in West Africa in 2000-2001 and in Malawi in 2003. During those years I developed a passion for women’s reproductive rights and choices, especially in areas where health care is difficult to access. I attained my BScN through UBC then did an apprenticeship in Bali, Indonesia, under a renowned American midwife (Robin Lim) before getting my Canadian license through the IMPP at Ryerson University. I worked in rural Ontario for my first year of practice in a predominantly Amish and Mennonite community, doing mostly home births, an experience that I cherish and will never forget.

However, my homesickness never went away and I knew I needed to come back to the West Coast, but before that, I went to Haiti to do post-earthquake maternity care. Upon returning to Vancouver I worked for South Community Birth Program, before & after I had a home birth with my son (one of my midwives was a good friend) and joined Pomegranate Midwives in 2016, where I am currently working until the end of September 2018. In my career, I have collaborated with GPs, RNs, physiotherapists, counsellors, doulas, acupuncturists and other practitioners in order to deliver holistic midwifery care. I have enjoyed having excellent OBs with whom to consult and work alongside which has deepened my understanding of complex obstetrical care.

I’ve worked as an RN in the past at St Mary’s Hospital in Sechelt and am looking forward to moving back to the Sunshine Coast, a place that allowed me to slowly nurture my path to midwifery as I was piecing it together. I appreciate the connection to nature and the down-to-earth culture that rural communities foster.

I’m very involved in music in my spare time and love exploring the great outdoors with my little guy. I’m also an avid gardener and spend lots of time tending to my many plants. I’m a traveler at heart and have explored dozens of countries all over the world and hope to do international work with midwives again.

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